The Max Rack

The Max Rack
The Max Rack

The Max Rack

The Original CSR Rack


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  • The Original!
  • Integrated rear rack (included) mounts to rear of most bicycles
  • The MAX has a wider mounting stance than the MINI
  • Fits larger boards up to 10 feet, up to 4" thick, and up to 25 pounds.
  • TIG welded 6061 Aluminum - no rust!
  • Color: Black (other colors n/a at this time)
5 Stars
Looks like a great product.
Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 4/11/2018
4 Stars
Quality rack that does require some TLC
I can't recall precisely when I purchased this rack, but I suspect that it was at least a few years ago. I routinely used this bike rack to transport my 9'6" epoxy Donald Takayama to Swami's when I lived in Encinitas and currently use it to get to Old Man's from my current location in Pacific Beach. The rack is solid aluminum construction that has to put up with the demands of transporting a larger and heavier board. As such, the longboard acts like a pendulum during transport-- hit a bump in the road and the board rocks. With time, this has definitely cyclically fatigued the rack in ways that have likely weakened certain aspects of it: I've observed that the the black coating has cracked in numerous areas on the deck of the rack. I'm not sure if the coating is the result of anodizing or painting, but given the number of years that I've had the rack and the stresses it certainly endures, this could be chalked up to normal wear and tear. The thin aluminum struts used to attach the rack to the bike frame are a weak leak-- I've had one snap and am visiting the site today to purchase replacements. There is significant corrosion of the socket-headed cap screws used to attach the rack to the bike. I suspect that these screws are stainless and the advanced corrosion might be a result of the incompatibility between stainless steel and aluminum (galvanic corrosion). Lastly, the flexing of the rack does tend to loosen some of the mounting screws over time (even with lock washers), so you'll want to check the tightness of them periodically, or implement some powerful Loctite. This is a great rack that has performed well-- it has definitely surpassed the value of its original purchase price in it's utility. On the side opposite the surf arms I've mounted a Wald collapsible bike basket which fits one regular size paper grocery bag. So, the rack functions well as a transporter of things other than surfboards. I particularly appreciate the ability to easily remove the surf arms when not in use-- it both prevents them from getting in the way and prevents their theft.
Reviewed by:  from San Diego. on 11/25/2017
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