The Small Block Rack

The Small Block Rack
The Small Block Rack

The Small Block Rack

CSR spent the last two years developing a Non-Breakable machined clamping system to work on bikes, mopeds, and more.


Backordered until Late November 2020
Part Number:CSR104
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SUP Arm Ugrade?
YES! [+$20.00]
Arm type
  • Machined in Loveland Colorado!
  • Mounts to front and rear of bicycle frame
  • Easily mounts to a Honda Ruckus and other tube-frame mopeds
  • Billet machined 6061 clamp
  • Will accept CSR SUP arms
  • Fits larger boards
  • Fits tube diameters from 1 inch to 1.75 inches
  • Color: Raw Aluminum (other colors n/a at this time)
  • Pick Regular Arms for standard mounting, Moped Arms for bikes or mopeds where the clamps are not along the center line of the bike, ie Ruckus